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DAY #1- EXODUS 18:17-27

What problem was Moses having?

What was the solution suggested by Jethro?

As you remember Sunday’s message, what is one thing that you feel God wants you to stop?


DAY #2- ISAIAH 1:10-17

What 2 things was the LORD asking the people to STOP?

Sometimes when we STOP something, we are called to also start something.  What did Isaiah’s vision tell them to STOP and then start (in vs 1:16-17)?

Are there things getting in the way of what God wants you to want?  If so, what do you need to STOP?


DAY #3- ISAIAH 2:12-22

After writing about the Day of the LORD, what does Isaiah tell his readers to STOP in verse 22?

Why is it easier to trust people than to trust God?

Right now… as you evaluate your level of trust with God… what is one thing that is keeping you from trusting Him more?  What can you do to STOP that?


DAY #4- JOHN 6:41-51

What does Jesus tell the Jews to STOP?

When we grumble… why is it often to others?

What are you grumbling about right now?  How can you change your focus and STOP?


DAY #5- JOHN 7:14-24

What does Jesus tell the Jews to STOP in this section?

In what areas do you judge people?

What is one thing you can do to STOP judging others?


DAY #6- PSALM 37:1-7

What does David say we need to STOP doing in verse 1?

What is four solutions to STOPPING this does he give?

Which one of those solutions do you need to bring into your life today?