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DAY #1 -HEBREWS 12:1-3

Last week, these verses had you thinking about staying instead of going… but how do you view them differently if you need to go, instead of stay?

What is hindering or entangling you from going and taking that step of faith?

How does fixing our eyes on Jesus help us decide whether to stay or go?

DAY #2- GENESIS 12:1-9

If you read 11:31, Abram had already left his hometown to travel… do you think it was easier for him to obey God’s call since he had already begun the process of leaving?  Why or Why not?

Do you think Abram was satisfied with staying in Harran?  He just got there… it was all new… why would it have been easier to not listen to God and stay?

Abram not only went and obeyed God… but he brought his wife and nephew along too.  Who in your life do you need to “bring with you” when God is telling you to go?


DAY #3- HEBREWS 11:8-12

Why do you think Abram listened to and obeyed God?

What was his reward for going… when it would have been easier to stay?

What are some things you might miss out on if you stay in the place that God is nudging you to go from?

DAY #4- EXODUS 3:1-22

This is an interesting passage in the context of ‘going’.  Who was the first to go? (vs 3)  Who was the second to go? (vs 8)  Where does God ask Moses to go? (vs 10)

Moses begins to question God’s request.  First, he questions going to who? (vs 11)  Who does he have second thoughts of going to? (vs 13)

What is the order that God wants Moses to go through? (vs 16-18)

Do tend to most often act out of faith or fear?  Why is that?

DAY #5- JOSHUA 1:1-11

Where were the children of Israel going?

What did the LORD repeat to Joshua 3 times (vs  6, 7, 9)?

Why are we so often afraid of going forward with something?

DAY #6- ISAIAH 48:17

Who knows what’s best for us?

Because of that, why should we trust His direction?