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Read Matthew 6:9-15
“Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in
heaven.” Matthew 6:10 (NASB)

In this passage Jesus teaches us how to pray. Each portion of His
teaching gives us an important aspect of prayer. Verse 10 reminds us
that God has a plan for our church. Our church is a part of God’s
kingdom. His desire is that His kingdom penetrates neighborhoods,
communities, cities, and ultimately the world with the gospel. When
we pray, “Your kingdom come,” we are praying for God to work in and
through our church to extend His kingdom.

When God views our church, He sees it’s potential. In the mind of God,
He envisions what it can and should become in the future. We call that
“God’s preferred future.” He loves our church so much He doesn’t want it
to remain where it is today. He has in mind a “preferred future.”

When we pray, “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” we are
asking God to reveal to us what He envisions for us. Through prayer we
discern “next steps.” When entering into a church revitalization process,
the voice we need to hear above all others is the voice of God through

Pray today asking God to reveal to you and to other
church members what God envisions for the future of our
church. Share your willingness to yield to what He wants.
Prayerfully consider this question: How do you want our
church to carry out the Great Commission in our context?