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As it relates to: REST
Read Hebrews 4:1-13

As you continue to pray for our city… remember, “Sovereign Lord, who rested on the 7th day, I bring before you…

Busyness of the City (vs 11)
So much of our culture’s leisure time is probably a misplaced desire for the perfect
rest of the new creation. Give thanks for this ultimate rest that is promised to you
in Christ. Pray for yourself and others you care about to “make every effort to enter”
it through faith in Christ.

Sundays in the City (vs 9)
Give thanks for God’s provision of a day of rest every week- a foretaste of the rest that
we will one day fully enjoy in God’s presence. Pray that each week you would rest not
only by stopping work, but be “re-creation” through listening to God’s word. Pray that
God’s people would prioritize meeting together on Sunday to do this.

Rest in the City  (vs 10)
Despite all the advances in technology, city life is still extremely hectic and busy. Pray
that as someone who has entered God’s rest, you would have a good pattern of work
and rest in your life. Pray for wisdom about how much work you should do, and for
guidance on what to say yes and no to.

Witness in the City (vs 12)
Sports and hobbies can be fruitful contexts for sharing our lives and our faith, as people
relax and open up. Pray for three people you spend regular leisure time with who do no
know Christ. Pray for opportunities to show them how “alive and active” God’s word
really is.

Leisure in the City (vs 13)
All our hobbies and leisure time are under God’s authority. We can’t compartmentalize
our spare time as something belonging to ourselves-it too belongs to God. Pray that you, as well as every other Christian would use our time to honor Him.