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Romans 13:1-7

When you pray, ask our “Majestic King, You are sovereign over all creation.
Work for this city’s good through…

Rulers (vs 1)

Our cities are places were authority is seated- and God establishes all authorities.
Thank God for His gifts of rulers presidents, governors, other state and national
representatives, as well as those in local governments. Pray that those in
authority in our city would increasingly honor the Lord in all they do

Responsibilities (vs 3)

Citizens of God’s kingdom are called to be citizens who obey the law the land.
There may be times when we need to petition, debate, and urge our leaders
to change, but pray that God’s people would always be committed to acting
in ways that are legal and upright.

Regulations (vs 4)

Pray for those who write our laws and those who enforce them: politicians,
civil servants, police officers, financial authorities, members of the judiciary,
and all who support them. Pray that they would act in ways that are above
reproach and uphold justice in our city.

Revenue (vs 6)

Few of us enjoy paying taxes- but this money can achieve extraordinary good
things like education, protection, etc.  Pray that those in authority would
spend taxes wisely. Ask God to help all believers to be diligent and joyful
in paying what is due.

Respect (vs 7)

It’s easy to mock politicians and to criticize those involved in the law. Of course,
they are fallible—but we are still called to respect them. Repent of any ways in
which you have fallen short in this area. Pray that as we Christians talk about
our leaders, we would choose our words wisely and honor them as we should.