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Zechariah 7:8-12

As you talk with the Lord… “Compassionate Lord, thank you for the mercy and
grace You have lavished on all your children. Extend that same compassion
to and through…”

Trafficked People (vs 9)
Behind the doors of our cities there are those ensnared in domestic servitude–
those trafficked into unspeakable horrors. Pray that they would know true and
lasting freedom. Pray also for those charities and public services working to
bring them hope.

Homeless People (vs 9)

Living and working on the streets can be a terrifying experience. Violence, addiction,
ill-health and early death are just some of the issues faced by these vulnerable
individuals. Often such people feel dehumanized—pray they would experience
God’s true mercy and compassion, and receive the help they need to move towards
both short-term and eternal security.

Broken Families (vs 10)

Domestic abuse, family breakdown and isolation mar many households. Too many
young men are growing up without good role-models; too many children have never
experienced real love. Pray that your city would recapture the importance of stable
families. Thank God that he has called you into his family—pray that you would
welcome the hurting and lonely.

Refugees (vs 10)
Refugees flock to our cities. Many live below the poverty line, some face prejudice,
and all are impacted by the horrors they’ve escaped. Pray that people who have come
to your city from overseas would be treated with respect and would be loved by the

The Church (vs 11)
Suffering can be so prevalent on our screens and on our streets that instead of feeling
compassion, we become immune to injustice. Spend time confessing these moments
when you have failed to care. Ask God to grow your heart for marginalized people.