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Read Luke 6:43-49

Let’s approach our Father by asking, “Merciful Lord, who forgave Your enemies
at the cross, help me as I pray for…”

Restraint (vs 43)
Evil is real. Within our cities, there are those who are teaching extremism and
encouraging terrorism. Pray that these voices would be silenced. Pray too that
those vulnerable individuals being tempted by radical teachers promising
community and purpose would start to see them for what they truly are:
“trees who produce bad fruit”.

Comfort (vs 45)
Extremist teaching can result in acts of violence. While these incidents are rare,
terrorist horrors impact people deeply. Pray for those bereaved, disabled, or
struggling with post-traumatic stress as a result of terrorist acts in our world.

Integrity (vs 46)
God’s grace is available to all who truly repent. Yet often we find this idea deeply
uncomfortable. We’d rather dismiss extremists as being beyond the hope of
redemption. But that’s not what Jesus would do. Repent of those moments when
you have been unwilling to see terrorists through the lens of the cross.

Witness (vs 47)

Seeing extremists—or those at risk of extremism—as people who need the saving
love of Christ should spur us to prayer and action. Pray that you would be able to
show a glimpse of grace to someone at risk. Ask God to enable specialist charities
working in this area to reach out effectively.

Trust (vs 48)

When it comes to extremism, it can be easy to give in to a climate of fear. But if we
have our lives firmly built on Jesus, we are secure. Pray that you and your church
would turn to him in confident trust.