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Read Romans 12:1-5

Begin your prayer time with something like, “Sinless Lord, take your church and
make us more like Jesus, set apart for you. Mold us into an increasingly…”

Sacrificial Church (vs 1)
Following Christ is not a path of ease… He calls us to pick up our cross. Yet we do
this “in view of” the mercy He has already shown us. So thank God, and pray that
Christians would set aside comfort, status, and power, and live wholeheartedly for
the Lord in response.

Countercultural Church (vs 2)

Our holy God calls us to live holy, distinctive lives. Pray that Christians would care
for those that society finds hard to love, and be generous to those that society says
are undeserving. Pray that church members would show unswervingly Biblical
priorities when it comes to education, work, socializing and their use of time.

Transformed Church (vs 2)
Believers are called to life change. Think of one or two Christians in your church,
and pray that God would make them to be more like Jesus as they face joys and

Humble Church (vs 3)

Few characteristics are as ugly as pride. We are all sinners saved by grace and have
no reason to look down on others. Take a moment to reflect on and repent of any
pride in your heart. Pray that the church would have a compelling witness in
your city, as Christians put others before themselves.

Committed Church (vs 5)

Rejoice that every congregation in your city is made up of different people with
different gifts—but that all are to be used to the glory of the one God. Pray that
every Christian in your city would be passionate about using their gifts in ways
that honor Jesus, and keen to encourage others to use their gifts too.