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Read Colossians 1:3-8

Grateful Hearts (vs 3-4)
The history of global missions has been hugely influenced by the movement
of people between and through cities. Give thanks for the many who have come
to faith in your city and have then moved to a different country–taking the
gospel with them.

Gospel Faithfulness (vs 5)

Pray that the gospel would be faithfully passed on as people take it from city
to city. Pray for churches and mission agencies who send and receive gospel
workers between cities—pray that in all things, they would hold on to the
true message of Christ.

Gospel Fruitfulness (vs 6)
Cities bring nations together. A city like London could have over 300 languages
spoken in it, and New York City as many as 800! Ask God to use this coming
together of people to bear much fruit for the gospel as people come to Christ
and are then sent out into the world.

Gracious Encouragement (vs 6)
Pray that our church would grow in godliness and numbers as it engages with
the global mission in our community. Pray that God’s grace would shape both the
manner in which our church engages with those from other cultures and the
message that is spoken.

Servants to Send (vs 8)
Ask the Lord to raise up servants of the gospel who are prepared to be sent out
as missionaries. Thank God for any missionaries you know from your church;
pray that they would be fruitful in their ministry and full of love for God, His people,
and those that are lost.