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Ephesians 2:11-22

Crying out to the Lord today… “God of all the earth, help us to be increasingly…”

Thankful (vs 13)
People in our churches may speak different languages and dress in different
ways, but we have all been brought into God’s family through the sacrificial
work of Jesus. Spend time praising God that He has brought us close to Him
and close to one another in Christ.

United (vs 14)
No one in the first century thought it would be possible for Jews and Gentiles
to get along but in Christ, they were united. Pray that Christians in your city
would increasingly acknowledge the real and lasting unity which binds together
all who truly believe—whatever their ethnic, economic or social backgrounds.

Diverse (vs 17)
God reaches out to all. Wherever someone has grown up and whatever belief
system they used to hold, everyone is welcome in God’s family. Pray that our
church would be a place where people from all contexts are invited and are
able to celebrate the peace of God.

Co-Operative (vs 19)
Fellow citizens have shared responsibilities. Pray that churches in your city
would have a passion for working alongside one another in the kingdom, for
the glory of the Lord Jesus. Pray for generosity and creativity between churches
and Christian organizations as they unite in mission across your city.

Growing (vs 22)
We are designed to grow together– rooted in Christ, indwelt by the Spirit and
maturing alongside one another. Pray that Christians of all backgrounds would
be eager to give and receive gospel encouragement.