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Jonah 3:1-10

Beginning our prayer time… “God of all grace, who wants all people to hear
the gospel and be saved, help people in this city to…”

Go (vs 2)
God sends us into our cities with a message of hope. Ask God to empower you
with boldness and creativity to “go” out to the lost, instead of waiting for them
to come to you. Pray that you and all God’s people would be willing to go to
anyone and everyone, not second-guessing who the Lord may be calling.

Proclaim (vs 2)
Right now, throughout your city, the gospel is being proclaimed in many and
various ways: through one-to-one Bible reading, preaching, gospel tracts,
evangelistic courses, videos, social media, blogs… Pray that whatever the
medium, the message would be faithful. Pray for specific friends, colleagues
or neighbors that God has laid on your heart, and ask for an opportunity to
tell them about Christ this week.

Obey (vs 3)
Secularization puts pressure on to keep our faith private–pray that the church
would obey God, rather than culture, in this area and continue to witness to
the lost.

Believe (vs 5)
Cry out to God for the Spirit to cause a wide-scale movement of repentance and
faith across our city. Throughout history, cities have been the setting for dramatic
spiritual revivals. Give thanks for the way God has worked in our city in the past,
and persistently pray for Him to do so again in the future.

Turn (vs 10)
Praise God that He is slow to anger and quick to forgive. Give thanks for your own
salvation and ask God to make you joyful for it. Pray that a right fear of judgment
would come across our city and lead people to turn to forgiveness in Christ.