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Psalm 71

As you pray today, “Eternal God, who numbers our days, please help our church
to remember those who are…”

Ageing Faithfully (vs 6)
Each passing day gives more evidence of God’s kindness and His sustaining power.
Thank Him for His work in your life, and in the lives of the older members of your

Ageing Painfully (vs 9)
Increasing years brings many joys, but they can bring many losses as well: loss of
health, friends, role, mobility, and independence. Pray that older Christians would
turn to our Faithful God in their pain, and that their perseverance would be
inspiring to others, both inside and outside the church.

Ageing Evangelistically (vs 18)
The elderly in our congregation have an exciting role to play in telling others about
Jesus. Pray that they would be active in reaching out to those around them, faithfully
declaring the power of the gospel. Pray also that the younger generation would be
intentional in reaching out to those older than themselves.

Ageing Hopefully (vs 20)
Pray that there would be a real openness to the gospel among the retired of your city,
whether they live in the leafy suburbs or the high-rise blocks of urban estates. Plead
with the Lord to open more eyes so that people begin to see that death is not the end
and that eternal life is guaranteed for those in Christ.

Ageing Joyfully (vs 23)
Pray for a specific older person you know– ask that they would come to Christ and
know the joy of having their lives hidden in Him.