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From this Speaker: Rev. Ray Wrobel
Priceless Objects-God and a Mirror
Rev. Ray Wrobel7/7/2024
Priceless Objects-God and a Paper Clip
Rev. Ray Wrobel6/30/2024
Priceless Objects 1-Introduction
Rev. Ray Wrobel6/23/2024
Who is Your Goal?
Rev. Ray Wrobel6/16/2024
The Purpose of Suffering-Part 2
Rev. Ray Wrobel6/9/2024
The Purpose of Suffering-Part 1
Rev. Ray Wrobel5/26/2024
Who Gives You the Best Advice? Job 3-31
Rev. Ray Wrobel5/19/2024
Unanswered Questions-Job 3
Rev. Ray Wrobel5/12/2024
Practical Applications from Job 1-2
Rev. Ray Wrobel5/5/2024
Suffering, Loss, and the Sovereignty of God-Part 2
Rev. Ray Wrobel4/28/2024
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Suffering, Loss, and the Sovereignty of God-Part 1
Rev. Ray Wrobel4/21/2024
How is God Working in the World?
Rev. Ray Wrobel4/14/2024