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Hey Everybody!!!!!!

We are putting together packets of stuff for the kids to do during the Easter Drive-In service at 10:00 AM this Sunday.  We need to know approximately how many kids will be at church for that service.  We need your help!  See #1 below.

 Sunday School will be a little different this week.  We have lesson videos posted below and on the West Side Kids Facebook page. The video below has a preschool, elementary and preteen version you can choose from. Have your kids watch these sometime before 2:30 PM on Sunday, April 12th.  Then at 2:30 PM we will have a Zoom class for all K-5th graders with activities and discussion about the Easter story.

1. Send me an email or text to let me know if you will be bringing any kids to the drive-in church service at 10:00 AM this Sunday.

2. Have your kids watch the Easter videos below or Facebook page before 2:30 PM this Sunday.

3.  Look for an email with your zoom information and have your kids join us at 2:30 PM on Easter Sunday for an interactive class.

Thanks for helping your kids understand the death and resurrection of Christ and celebrate what they mean to us!

Serving a RISEN Savior,